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Google Plus Links has ended. I downloaded all the links that I posted to Google Plus. It is an excellent place to explore

Cult of Android
Will the Real Landscape Photography Please Stand Up?
Couples Mount Rainier: The seventies
Elders peek into past while helping sort museum's photo collection
Thai Soldiers
Manhattan Couple
Couple hiking at Zion National Park
People Around the Pike Place Market: September 2014
Architectural Details from Downtown Seattle
A few photographs from downtown Tacoma: 09/01/2014
A Few Tacoma Homes and Apartments: Morning Walk 9/1/2014
Wright Park Tacoma Washington
An Afternoon Walk to the Stadium District Tacoma Washington 08/30/1914
A Morning Walk in the Hilltop Neighborhood Tacoma Washington 08/30/2014
An Early Morning Walk Around the Brewery District in Tacoma Washington
Couples at the Puyallup Fair
Some people from the Puyallup Fair
A Few Tacoma Churches
Valley of Fire Recreation Area: New Mexico
Zion National Park: Tourists
Foggy Morning Walk at Creamer's Field 08/16/2014
Tanana Valley Fair: Rodeo Cattle
Nome Creek Valley: Quartz Creek Trail
Nome Creek Valley: Table Mountain Trail
Albuquerque New Mexico: Old Town
Mesa Verde National Park
Photography Workshop Canyon de Chelly
Monument Valley (The Tourist Experience)
From The Car Windows (Southwest USA)
Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Lake Powell
Wigwam Motel Holbrook Arizona
Monticello Utah
Denali National Park 06/28/2014
Sunset Crater National Monument
White Sands National Monument
Arches National Park
Trees: Grand Canyon National Park
White Sands National Monument (High Contrast Experiment)
Capitol Reef National Park
Snow Canyon State Park Utah
Antelope Canyon
Bryce National Park
Petrified Forest National Park
Curtiss Wright C46 at Fairbanks International Airport (Parts Planes) This morning I saw the last flying C46 fly over Creamer's Field. Everts Air still uses one for flying cargo to rural Alaska. Years ago I flew in a C46 from Fairbanks to Savoonga and Gambell on St. Lawrence Island.
Fairbanks Hotel: Things that are gone...
Tacoma Washington 2008 I love to wander in Tacoma
After the Snow at Creamer's Field: Early May
Morning Walk, Fresh Snow, Boreal Forest Trail 4/7/2014
Our Thailand Garden: Mu 9 Bankrachow Thailand
Black Spruce at Creamer's Field 4/4/2014
Buddha Hands
Northwest Folklife Festival Seattle 2011
Prague Czech Republic: Miscellaneous Stuff
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Seoul Korea: Color
Fairbanks Alaska 2007: Color
Trees: Central Park New York City
Wandering In Seattle 2007
Creamer's Field: Leaves on Snow
Seattle People: 2013
Spring Snow at Creamer's Field Alaska 2013: Anticipating 2014
Bodhagaya Bihar India
Creamer's Field: Frost on The Trees
Amery Wisconsin
Bangkok Thailand 2006
Summer Solstice Celebration 2009: Fairbanks Alaska
Alaska State Fair 2012
Anticipating Spring: April-May Creamer's Field
Wandering In Tacoma: The Seventies
Fairbanks International Airport: 2011
Home Stay: Amphawa Thailand
Golden Days Parade 2009: Fairbanks Alaska
Scans from some of my old black and white prints.
Seafair Parade Seattle: The Early 80's
Breakfest 2011 Summer Solstice
Douglas Creek Washington
Vancouver BC
Wandering In Fairbanks 2010
15 Top Things To Know Before Moving To India - Expat Contest
Tracks In The Snow: Creamer's Field
Creamer's Field Walk: May 2nd 2011
Kenai Fjords National Park 2013
Fairbanks Alaska 2003
Thailand Trees
Golden Days 2011
Wandering In Fairbanks 2011
Wenatchee Washington
Pike Place Market: The Seventies
Seattle Waterfront: The Seventies
Bangkok Thailand
Downtown Anchorage Alaska
Things That Are Gone: Fairbanks Alaska
Sukhothai Thailand
Ketchikan Alaska
Seattle People 2013
Downtown Seattle in the Eighties
Tanana Valley Fair 2009
Can you see the racism now?
Alaska State Fair Palmer Alaska: The Seventies
4th Avenue Theater Anchorage
Crowdfunding Platform For Travel
vintage everyday: Amazing Vintage Polish Posters of Classic American Films
YouTube - Apps on Android Market
Intimate Portraits That Capture Emotion on the Faces and Figures of Animals
Google Docs - Apps on Android Market
Creepy Portraits of Teddy Bears Marred by Decades of Children's Love
The Face of Bureaucracy: Portraits of Civil Servants Around the World
Use a Marble to Find Good Available Light
LS 07|Trees Submissions - Fallen Giants by Liese...
Portraits of Pound Dogs Most in Danger of Being Put Down
Messiness at 1/6 Scale: Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse
View, deduce and imagine. Create your own truth.
Photos of Makeshift Soccer Balls Used by Children in Africa
Facebook for Android - Apps on Android Market
Google Search - Apps on Android Market
Google Books - Apps on Android Market
代々木ー神宮ー原宿 - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
View, deduce and imagine. Create your own truth.
tokyo camera style - My daily Japanese photo website link (#33) on...
monocrome - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
ものくろ - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
神田辺り - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
black&white - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
Project 1: Kids
jt in seoul - Reflections. ...
(no title)
The Online Photographer: And We Have a New Winner
Anchorage Cars The Seventies
Fountain of Ice: 1912 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive
Adobe Motel, 200 Cherokee, Hardtner, KS 67057 by...
Lost & Found: Snapshots Salvaged After the Japanese Tsunami
shinjuku - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
National Geographic Photo Contest 2011
Sandstorm by Eugene Richards (gallery)
INFOGRAPHIC : The Schools That Rule The Web [US Only]
shinjuku - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
Picasa Mobile - Apps on Android Market
Bobby's Book: Bruce Davidson's Photographs of the Brooklyn Gang the Jokers
Tupolev Tu-95MS, photo by Vadim Savitsky (via)
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Google Keep’s Already Shaky Ground | TechCrunch
Skaters, 1953 by Mario De Biasi
Review of the Format Photography Festival at Visual Culture Blog by @MarcoBohr
Why People Aren't Going To Use Google's Latest Product, 'Keep'
-Online Browsing-: Fred Herzog: Philosophy of photography
NY Times: '36 Hours in Bangkok'
Seattle Then and Now: Pike Place
Viktor Kolář. from the series “Ostrava”
Chrome OS Fan
field notes : ageism | Mrs. Deane
One Seattle Three Locations?
Amery Wisconsin
The Window | New York Photography Blog
ROTATOR magazine
Downtown Fairbanks Alaska Summer 2012
Gone City: I got shit on my mind
Everything about camera lenses | Pixiq
Chris Jordan on fear, inspiration and living fully | Shooting Wide Open
Mangyongdae – The Last Funfair in North Korea ~ Kuriositas
William Klein: In Pictures
YouTube - Dave Van Ronk - He Was A Friend Of Mine
Veranasi India
WATCH: Randy Newman Is Dreaming of a White President | NewsFeed |
YouTube - Are you on Google Plus?
YouTube - Keith Richards - Cocaine Blues
Shoe Shine Ritual?
Botswana Music Guitar - Ronnie - "1916".
Denali Highway 2011
Downtown Seattle: People Walking The Seventies
Old Seattle Photographs: The Seventies
Kim Jong Il Looking at Things at Visual Culture Blog by @MarcoBohr
Daido Moriyama: In Pictures
Working Pictures: FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO.
Tacoma 2008 (Color)
Bellingham Washington
GRD4 Process / images
View, deduce and imagine. Create your own truth.
View, deduce and imagine. Create your own truth.
Pike Place Market Seattle (The Seventies)
The Online Photographer: The Unwanted Portrait
Road to Yosemite
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The Edge of the Earth | we produce beautifully crafted multimedia
Refugee Hotel: Strangers in a Strange Land by Gabriele Stabile | LightBox |
Places for those with nowhere to go
Apple's First Professional Fanboy Has Ditched The iPhone
New Snow at Creamer's This Morning
Rajgir India Vulture's Peak
‘Americans’: Christopher Morris Captures a Nation Divided | LightBox |
Reflections in a Pashtun Cinema | LightBox |
Lonely Planet ranks Fairbanks 2nd US travel destination for 2013
Seattle in the Seventies
Measuring Life With Coffee Spoons
Bangkok Thailand 2006
1942 Veronica Lake and a stuffed seal.  ... - Black and WTF
Fairbanks Hotel (Just before it was demolished)
Photographs from
Warren Buffett's Plan To Raise Taxes On The Rich Is Smart, Fair, And Reasonable
Downtown Fairbanks Summer 2012
International District Seattle The Seventies
Cushman and Gaffney Area Fairbanks Alaska
Pioneer Park, July 4th Weekend, 2009
Summer Solstice 2005 (Film)
Buddhas Vientiane Laos
Buddha Head $59 Pier 1 Fairbanks Alaska
Fur Rondy Anchorage Alaska (The Seventies)
Living the dry-cabin dream in Fairbanks, Alaska
Random Observations: Seattle In The Seventies
This Comic Strip Points Out A Big Problem With Tablets
Spenard Road Anchorage Black and White
Fairbanks Alaska 2007
DOWNLOAD Web Automation, Part 1Web Automation, Part 1
DOWNLOAD Web Automation, Part 2Web Automation, Part 2
Cows Delta Junction
Summer Solstice Dance with Gary Sloan
The Map
3 Reasons Why You Should Use the iPhone 5 For Street Photography by Mike Avina
DIY Distribution
Family Values?
The Representation of Post-Tsunami Landscapes at Visual Culture Blog by @MarcoBohr
Wandering In Fairbanks 2004
Musum of Natural History
DEAR APPLE: I'm Leaving You
Fill The Frame - Shooting Complex, Layered Street Photography | Invisible Ph t grapher Asia (IPA)
End Times, El Salvador and Mitt Romney
Our garden at our Thailand home
Traverse City Michigan
Sand Dunes Lake Michigan
Wenatchee Washington
Golden Days 2009 Fairbanks Alaska
Vienna Austria
Seattle 2011
Central Park Trees New York City
Wandering In Fairbanks 2009
Duluth Minnesota
Hatcher Pass 2008
Creamer's Field 2009
Alaska State Fair Palmer Alaska 2008
Seattle In The Seventies Observations?
Bodhgaya India
Wandering In Tacoma 2011
Open North American Sled Dog Race Fairbanks Alaska 2012
North Pole Alaska Fourth of July
Fairbanks Alaska August 2011
First Snow Creamer's Field October 2011
Breakfest 2011 Fairbanks Alaska
Bangkok Thailand 2009
Buddhas Laos
A few Manhattan trees
Archangle Valley Alaska
Moving forward, looking back
Mt. McKinley Bank 3rd Ave
Alaska Sabre Jet Anchorage
Ice Cream Cone Girl Alaska State Fair The Seventies
Creamer's Field
Everts Air Cargo Fairbanks Alaska
Massive Lincoln
TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook) - Apps on Android Market
Martin Chambi. Lever du jour sur la place d’armes...
神保町 - 彷徨う魂 noyan - Yahoo!ブログ
10 Chrome Extensions That Will Make Google+ Better Than Ever
Some more shots from my Yashica Mat 124G after a few months traveling together... -
x planes
Man, Telephone & Ford. East Tucumcari Blvd,...
x planes
Lt. John Pike Goes Viral (3) « Photocritic International
Back to the Bronx
What the &$%! is a Little Person?: Parents Edition
Tasks N Todos Pro
Bullies & The Web
Birmingham street shots -
First Time User
View, deduce and imagine. Create your own truth.
Skiers Beware: Japan's Snow Monsters : NPR
First Time User
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Wee Alaskan songbird travels 18,000 miles to winter in Africa
View, deduce and imagine. Create your own truth.
Skiers Beware: Japan's Snow Monsters : NPR
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Brother Skorj has set up a great photoblog....
Fubar by On Flickr at:...
beach: Beach at Holme-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk....
“I am never sure if the failed future of our...
Botswana Music Guitar "Joko yame e bobebe"
Working Pictures: Red Striped Awning
Jayarava's Raves: Of Miracles.
B: 52 from 2011
Working Pictures: Winter Light, XV
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December 23rd, 2011.
Iraq’s youngest photographer reflects | Photographers Blog
Reciprocity Failure: Growth
Photo Booth: Bipolar: Scott Sternbach at the Earth’s Extremes
Reciprocity Failure: "Loving Christians" And Their Religion Of Hate And Intolerance
Rights and Respect in photography | Pixiq
If clichés are so bad, why do they win contests?
The Online Photographer: Introduction to Digital Printing Part III
Gone City: Photographic Sugar Plums
Old Kalakala ferry up for sale – for just $1 | Seattle's Big Blog -
The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck: Why is this one of my favorite portraits?
Conscientious | Simone Donati
The Online Photographer: Kirk's Take (Kirk Tuck #2)
Gone City: Chase
In Case You Were Wondering Why We Keep Bailing Out Wall Street...
A top of Moel Ellio
Gone City: Prints for people who love New York
Korean Funeral
Drowning In Photography
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Things I wish I'd done in the past ...
Working Pictures: ONE WAY
Photo Booth: Daido Moriyama: Photo Books While You Wait
Bucket List Type Advice for G+ Photographers
Shutterfinger: Today's Film Processing Options
The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck: "The Meaning of Life is to Make Life Meaningful." A.C. Grayling
10 Impressive Spots On Earth You Can See With Google Maps Satellite View
Dark Roasted Blend: Glorious Socialism: Chinese Ladies in Propaganda Posters
TechCrunch | Bill Gates On “The Miracle Of Availability” And Applying Computer Science To The World
YouTube - Морской шторм
Video: Daido Moriyama: ‘The City Itself Is Sexual.’
Types of Lenses - Photography
IPA Sunny 16 Dog Tags – International Purchase
» Everything You Need to Know About Google Plus and Photos
Visions of Tony |
YouTube - Booker White - Poor Boy Long Way from Home
YouTube - Booker White - Aberdeen Mississippi Blues HIFI
YouTube - Dave Van Ronk - Cocaine
YouTube - REVEREND GARY DAVIS (Two Step Candyman) Ragtime Guitar Legend
Conscientious | What is the real question?