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Spring 2009 CIOS 258 TW1 Digital Photography
Exploring Digital Photography
Stephen Cysewski







Organizing Photographs

Keywording and Tagging

Selecting, Ranking, and Sequencing


Tagging and Keywording Photographs


Picasa 3.0 Tagging, Keywording, and Organising Resources

Picasa 3.0 Tagging Procedures

  • Tagging or Keywords

  • You can label photos in Picasa with a keyword that will allow you to easily search for that photo. To add a keyword to your photo click on "View" > "Keywords" or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-K.

    To search for a photo with a keyword simply type the keyword in the search box that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the Picasa screen. This will trigger only photos with that keyword to appear.
  • You can now add multi-word tags to your photos. Finally, you can tag your rocking chair as 'rocking chair,' rather than 'rocking' and 'chair.'
  • To add a tag, select your photo and click the Tag button tag next to the Photo Tray area or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T. The blue status bar at the bottom of the screen shows any tags that have been applied to your pictures. If you'd like to see all your tags listed under each photo, click the View menu, select Thumbnail Caption, then select Tags.


    Albums are virtual groupings of photos that only exist in the Picasa software. Like a playlist, you can create combinations of any photos in an album or use a single image in multiple albums without taking up extra space on your hard drive. If you delete photos in albums, or whole albums, the original picture files will be untouched.

    There are two special albums called "Starred Photos" and "Screensaver" which are created by Picasa and cannot be deleted. Any starred photos will be automatically added to the "Starred Photos" album. The "Screensaver" album holds the photos that will be displayed using the Picasa Screensaver feature.

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Keyworking, Tagging, and Organizing Resources

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Procedures From Lightroom 2.0 Help Files




Saving to Files


Photoshop Elements Resources

SyncBack Freeware V3.2.13 [1.72 MB]


Editing and Enhancing your Photographs: The photograph does not look right, now what do I do?

PHOTO WALK Creamers Field

WEB RESOURCES (Editing Photographs)

Photo Editing Proceedures

  • Problem: Composition, frame, or point of view

  • Solution: Cropping
  • Problem: Tilted or crooked image

  • Solutions: Straightening
  • Problem: Limited dynamic range and poor exposure

  • Converging Verticals: How to Avoid Converging Verticals

  • Solution: Adjusting the Dynamic Range
  • Problem: Poor color or color caste

  • Solutions: Neutralizing highlight and mid tone color cast
  • Problem: Blurred image detail

  • Solution: Sharpening
  • Problem: Image Noise

  • Solution: Reducing Luminance and Chroma Noise
  • Problem: Junk in the photograph

  • Solution: Remove the junk
  • Problem: Part of the image needs tonal adjustment

  • Solution: Select and remedy the problem
  • Problem: Enlarging or reducing image size for printing

  • Solution: Resample or Export Images


Sharing Photographs: I really like these photographs I want others to see them?

Lesson 6 CIOS 258 PDF

Sharing Photographs Web Resources

Printing On Line

Printing at Home (Epson, Canon, HP)

Print on Demand Books

Finding a Domain Name

Creating a Photo Web Site

Photo Hosting Sites

Photograph Sharing Sites


Micro-Stock Web Sites

Creative Commons and Copyright

Photographers Rights


  • Sharing the Final Portfolio

    Create a portfolio of at least ten photographs, that you took as part of a photo project this semester, and share it in public using a tool like Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Blogger, a personal web site, or any other public method that you choose, even printing. If you are sharing using the web post the location to the web log. During class I will want you to share the portfolio with the other students and discuss your intention or purpose for creating your portfolio.

    Exploring Digital Photography



  • No class, last day to submit work for credit!