Shared Memories
Stephen Cysewski

My Parents were complex people. Jean and David were my biological parents



My stepfather was named Chuck. He had many influences on my life.

Here are some more pictures of my parents. I hope you can get a feeling for the people that they were.


Here is a picture of Chuck and my mother. She only lived another month after this picture. She had lung cancer.

Chuck and Jean, sometimes they were under stress.

Here is my dad smelling flowers.

Here is my father David with Jeanette. They have been together many years and are happy.

Here is my father and Jeanette in Seward. We are at Exit Glacier near Seward.

When I grew up I spent time at both my grandparentís houses. We lived on the top floor of my fathers parents house, the house on the left. My mothers parents house is in on the right.

My dad David with his mother Alice and his father Larry.

I also existed during this time. We lived, primarily, in Seattle and Auburn Washington. 

This is a picture in the back yard of my Grandparents house. 

This is a picture in Spokane. I lived in an Institute of Scientology rooming house. I hated the house but loved the tractor. It was very cool to drive the tractor.


Here is a picture from Jr. Hi School.

My High School Graduation Picture.

We moved a lot. I lived in the top floor of this house in Auburn. It was during the 5th grade.

We lived in the little house in the back. It had only two rooms.

On my stepfathers side of the family I had sisters named Pat, Marion, Diane, Cindy and two brothers Ron and Chuck. 

This is a picture of my step dadís family. They were gathered together to say goodbye to my mother. When my step dadís kids lived with us I had four sisters and two brothers.

On my stepmothers side of the family I had sisters named Kathy, Kit, and Becky. I also had two half sisters Lisa and Nancy These are my step sisters, Kit, Becky, and Kathy. When I lived with my dad I had five sisters.

These are my half sisters, Lisa and Nancy. I do not know them well.

These are pictures of Lisa. Lisa has had a difficult life.

Lisa and my dad at the Rocky Reach dam on the Columbia river.

My grand parents, on my motherís side have been an important part of my life. My mother was there only child and I am my mothersí only child. In order to express their values I will show pictures of their house and garden.

My Grandfather, Dwight

My Grandmother Hope, Hope is the single biggest influence on my life.

Hope on the Beach


Hope in the garden

A view of Camano Island The garden began as a hay field.

Here is the house. Hope designed the entire house. It began as a cabin.

Trees in Winter

When my grandfather died the apples did not get picked. My grandmother had cataracts and was blind.

Like the garden my grand parents house had a sense of balance and order

My stepfather made this table. When my grandparents died I gave it to him. He sold it.

I have had some valuable relationships. Even if some of them were not called marriage they were marriages in intention, expectation, and hope.

I was married to Cathy in college. 

We have a daughter Jessica that I am just getting to know.

Here is how I looked during this time. This picture was taken in Shaktoolik.

When Cathy and I were divorced, and after a few years Carol and I became partners. It was a valuable and well-grounded relationship. We broke up when we had a stillborn baby. If I had more wisdom and was less self-centered we could have made it work.

Here is how I looked when Carol and I were going together.

When Carol and I broke up I lived with Boo. My relationship with Boo was difficult and sad. I was single for a long time after Boo.

Boo had a son Michael who I loved. When we broke up I never saw him again. He is a man now.

Here is how I looked when I was going with Boo.

I finally got married again to Rose. Rose and I had a complex relationship, there were many good and many sad things. I still value Roseís friendship. I have two wonderful daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret because of being with Rose. Elizabeth and Margaret are the unexpected miracles of my life

Here is how I looked when Rose and I were going together. Actually we were together for a long time so I looked many different ways.

Here is an assortment of pictures of my kids.

Elizabeth and Margaret.

Elizabeth and Margaret





Margaret and Zig Zag


Rose and Elizabeth


For most of the years that I lived in Anchorage I lived in a cabin-house on Willene lane. Rose is buying the house now.

We also had two dogs, Tok and Siyousaw, and a cat named Mother Cat.

Mother Cat in the Roof


Zig Zag